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Chair mats custom cut to your exact specifications. Thematstore.com offers the thickest, highest quality chair mats available.
Made In America
Zero complaint records Clicking on the Build Icon walks you throught building your custom chairmat.Build your custom chair mat only by clicking on the build it icon. Build a custom chair mat

You can easily build your custom chair mat on-line through our exclusive ordering system. Just click on the "Build It" icon and we will walk you through the steps.

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 Zero- BBB complaint records!

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24" Width - Clear Carpet Runners
1 FT. Length 11 FT. Length 21 FT. Length 31 FT. Length 41 FT. Length
2 FT. Length 12 FT. Length 22 FT. Length 32 FT. Length 42 FT. Length
3 FT. Length 13 FT. Length 23 FT. Length 33 FT. Length 43 FT. Length
4 FT. Length 14 FT. Length 24 FT. Length 34 FT. Length 44 FT. Length
5 FT. Length 15 FT. Length 25 FT. Length 35 FT. Length 45 FT. Length
6 FT. Length 16 FT. Length 26 FT. Length 36 FT. Length 46 FT. Length
7 FT. Length 17 FT. Length 27 FT. Length 37 FT. Length 47 FT. Length
8 FT. Length 18 FT. Length 28 FT. Length 38 FT. Length 48 FT. Length
9 FT. Length 19 FT. Length 29 FT. Length 39 FT. Length 49 FT. Length
10 FT. Length 20 FT. Length 30 FT. Length 40 FT. Length 50 FT. Length

Wood Laminate mats
Wood Laminate mats

black chair mats
  New! Black Chair mats

60x66 Beaker chair mats. These chairmats are availble in most thicknesses.

60x66 Beaker chair mats.
Available in most thicknesses.

Using the correct Chair Casters insures long life of your chair mat investment.

Chair Mat Casters

Entrance Mats

Entrance Mats

Anti-fatigue mats


Anti-Static Industrial mats

Anti-Static Industrial

Food Service Mats

Food Service Mats

Industrial mats


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