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Chair mats custom cut to your exact specifications. offers the thickest, highest quality chair mats available.
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Deluxe Anti-Static
Standard Size Chair Mats
.145 Mil

Deluxe Anti-Static chair mats: .145 Mil -
This versatile chair mat is ideal for most low weight carpets without padding
  • A chair mat for use in computer applications
  • Automatically neutralizes static electricity before it can harm your computer
  • Special chemical formulation allows cordless operation - no ground wires
  • Anti-Static Chair Mats will not dissipate static through rubber sole shoes.
  • Clear design allows carpet to show
  • Textured top surface for scuff resistance
  • Unique "notched" stud design grips carpet, but won't harm carpet backing - or hands!
Available In Rectangle and Single Lip Patterns.
Select your pattern.
Order Anti-Static Chair mat
  Order a Custom Pattern in this material
There's a silent killer lurking in your office...

The Problem
Static electricity robs you of productivity and threatens the life of your expensive computer equipment. Motherboard, hard disk and card failures are often attributed to static electricity. Most computer manafacturers recommend the use of an anti-static device to guard against these failures. Static Dissipative Chair mats protect your data and equipment from this silent killer.

A Shocking Revelation
That irritating shock you get when you touch a doorknob is caused by static electricity. Any time two materials in contact are separated, such as your feet and carpeting when you walk, a static charge is generated. One material loses electrons resulting in a positive charge, while the other gains them, becoming negatively charged.

The shock you feel is the static charge neutralizing itself by instantly conducting the ground. This charge can be 2,000 to 20,000 volts, harmless to humans due to the small amperage of the charge.

Electrical equipment, unfortunately, is much more sensitive. As little as 20 volts can cause loss of data, monitor malfunctions and premature component failures. Sensitive microchips and integrated circuits in computers can be harmed before you even touch the keyboard! In winter months, heating systems increase the risk by lowering humidity and increasing static charge.

Instant Passive Protection is Required
Keyboard and mouse pads that dissipate static depend on you to touch them. Anti-static chairmats provide instant passive protection - as soon as you approach your desk, static is dissipated (as long as rubber sole shoes are not worn)- before you know it and without your help!

The Solution
Our anti-static chair mats are chemically formulated to dissipate static electricity, so there are no cords to attach to the wall (to trip over, to break, etc.) Static electricity is dissipated from the entire surface of the mat into the air or ground in less than half of a second!

Performance - Guaranteed!
Clear Anti-Static Chair mats are guranteed to meet the requirements of National Fire Prevention Association Code 56A and Federal Specification MIL-B81705B for a period of at least three years from date of purchase. This requires dissipation of 5,000 volts within 1/2 second.

black chair mats
  Black Chair mats

60x66 Beaker chair mats. These chairmats are availble in most thicknesses.

60x66 Beaker chair mats.
Available in most thicknesses.

Using the correct Chair Casters insures long life of your chair mat investment.

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