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1. Are your chair mats hard or flexible? Our chair mats are a clear flexible vinyl. They range in
thickness from approx. 1/8" - 3/8". Being that the mats are vinyl they may tend to dimple where
your chair sits so it's very important to choose the proper thickness. The thicker your carpet the
thicker your mat needs to be as noted in the material selection guide section of the web site. We
cannot guarantee you that the mat won't dimple but you reduce the chance of it dimpling by
selecting the proper mat.

2. How thick are your chair mats? We have 4 different thicknesses ranging from approx. 1/8" thick
for low pile carpet glued to the floor to approx.3/8" thick for deep pile carpet with pad. Please
see our material selection guide to select the proper thickness for you.

3. Do your prices include shipping charges? No, in most cases our prices including the
freight are cheaper than our competitors who offer free freight. Do the math. To find out what your
shipping charges are please do the following. You can view the shipping/handling rate by adding the
desired items to your shopping cart. Then, click on "Complete Order" and fill out your name and
address and credit card information. Click the "Verify Order" button and you will see the total
amount. No information is sent to us until after the "Submit Order For Processing" button is
clicked. This is an easy way to find out the cost of shipping before placing an order.

4. How long will it take for me to receive my chair mat? Most orders ship within 3-5 working days.
Please visit the delivery info link to see the transit time to your state from Texas.

5. How do I order a chair mat? Once you're in the site click on the Build it Icon and start
reading the instructions. This is a one of a kind website that takes you step by step through the
process of selecting the proper material, pattern/shape and allows you to order from the
convenience of your home.

6. What is a Vent A Mat™ chair mat? This process perforates the chair mat to allow it to breath in those
situations where the floor under your mat was not properly sealed and allows moisture gathers. The
following materials can be modified with the Vent A Mat process. The .220 Ultra
classic vinyl's and .300 Executive classic vinyl's and our Non-studded clear vinyl's.

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