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"Highest Quality, Thickest and  Longest Lasting Chair Mats Available"

Available In Sizes of Up to 6 ft Wide and 50 ft in Length... and Everything In Between.

Chair mats for Carpet

Chair mats for Hard-floor Surfaces

Chair Mats For Moisture Issues

Over Sized Chair Mats

We Specialize in Making Custom Made Chair Mats.  Orders Usually Ship in 24-48 Hours!

Why choose us for your chair mat needs? 

The Mat Store sells the highest quality thickest chair mats available.

We have over 20 years experience in the chair mat business and have thousands of satisfied customers all the way from the US Senate and large corporations, to the small home office business person.

Unlike large impersonal office product companies selling inferior, cheap chair mats, we are a family run business and take great pride in offering our customers the highest quality chair mat materials available on the market today.

We also take great pride in our custom chair mat workmanship and personalized service. If you are looking for a custom chair mat company that will go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied, please give us a try.

Also, check out our chair mat testimonials . We believe that once you read about our customer experiences, you will be convinced that we are the right choice for your chair mat needs. No matter whether you need that one custom chair mat or hundreds of chair mats, we CAN meet your requirements

At The Mat Store, we would like to remind you when setting up your home or business office, don't forget to protect your floor! Chair mats for carpeted floors will greatly extend the life of your carpets. Custom chair mats for hard floors, including wood, tile, and linoleum, are just as important. They will protect your floors from caster scuffing and marring. Our chair mats can be produced in variety of customized shapes to accommodate any workstation, whether you have a standard desk, U-shaped desk, L-shaped desk, or corner desk. Our chair mats are transparent, which allows the color and design of your floor to show through. We have developed this site to make it easy for you to select correct type of chair mat material and appropriate size for your workstation and flooring type.

You expect a lot from a chair mat: durability, protection, appearance, good value... with The Mat Store you get it all!! The quality of a Mat Store chair mat didn't "just happen". It is the result of over a decade of development. Our specially formulated compounds provide firm, scuff resistant surfaces that allow effortless mobility of your office chair - reducing back strain. That enables you to be more productive. In addition, our chair mats are exceptionally clear, enhancing the natural beauty of your carpet or wood floor. Custom chair mats are our primary business, that's why we build them to last.

Why you should replace your chair mat casters: Few things are more basic to the office work place than the office chair. And for an office safety program to be effective, few things are more important than chair and caster safety. Caster wheels that are incorrect for the floor surface as well as worn casters can pose the risk of damage. Even brand new chairs can cause problems as they are routinely equipped with hard wheel casters suitable for carpeted floors only. For chairs to roll safely, use hard wheels on carpeted floors and soft wheels on chair mats and hard floor surfaces. Just as tires must have the proper tread for safe driving performance, the chair movement depends on wheels that provide appropriate traction on hard and soft surfaces. 

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