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Soft Wheel Chair Casters
Soft Wheel Chair Casters
Soft Wheel Chair Casters 1

Soft Wheel Chair Casters

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Finding the right size Caster

Pull the existing caster out of the chair base and measure the diameter of the stem.

Most stems are 7/16 in diameter on metal chair bases.

You can order the proper type of casters when placing your Mat order with us.

We recommend Duet Black Soft Dual Wheel Casters with a 7/16" Diameter for chair caster replacement.



Few things are more basic to the office work place than the office chair. And for an office safety program to be effective, few things are more important than chair and caster safety. 

Caster wheels that are incorrect for the floor surface as well as worn casters can pose the risk of injury. Even brand new chairs can cause problems as they are routinely equipped with hard wheel casters suitable for carpeted floors only.
For chairs to roll safely, use hard wheels on carpeted floors and soft wheels on chairmats and hard floor surfaces. 
Just as tires must have the proper tread for safe driving performance, the chair movement depends on wheels that provide appropriate traction on hard and soft surfaces.


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