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What is Edge Beveling?

Beveling is where we make a stair step slope around the edge of the mat.

  • Makes it easier to roll on and off the mat
  • Helps reduce a potential trip hazard from a blunt edge
  • Gives the mat a more finished look
  • Outside edge is about half the thickness of the interior of the mat.

Bevel on a Non-studded mat

Bevel on a Studded mat

What is Venting

  • Developed to allow your carpet and floor to breath
  • Helps to prevent moisture and condensation from forming under mat.
  • Use where dampness and mold are potential issues.
  • Each Mat has a vented ports spaced every 2.5 inches to allow your carpets and floors to breath.
  • Also recommended by installers for new hardwood floor installations.

Available on our Executive and Ultra Thicknesses for Carpeting,

and Deluxe Non-Studded for Hard Floors.

How do I Know If I Need A Ventilated Mat?

Some areas of the country have issues of moisture coming up through the flooring due to many reasons.

One main reason, especially on concrete slabs, is that when the flooring was poured, there wasn't a vaper barrier placed before the pour. This is especially true in your seemingly dryer states such as California, New Mexico, and Arizona.

One way to find out if you have a moisture issue is to tape down a plastic garbage bag on the flooring and leave it overnight. The next day feel for any type of condensation underneath.

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